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Who is Watson Lead Generation and How Do We Support Small and Direct Sales Businesses?

We are small/home business owners in Network Marketing. We started our Network Marketing business as a vehicle to help create time and money freedom...and have a system to show others how to do the same.

In our first 30 days we made thousands and were driving a free $50,000+ luxury vehicle. We also helped several other people do the same, so we were excited, the products were amazing, our team was on fire and business was BOOMING! We even won free trips!

Then our warm market went from a firehose flow to what seemed like a garden hose leak. Friends and family members quit the business...and even stopped using the products. Some MUST HAVE gone into witness protection or left the country because we're STILL waiting to hear back from them.;)

In spite of this challenge we knew we had our hands on an awesome business, so we committed to stay the course and started rebuilding. Sound familiar?

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Being new to Network Marketing, we did our best to continue to "be coachable" & "follow the system", yet got diminishing results. Even still, we believed it was POSSIBLE to successfully create a sustainable home business in Network Marketing...without jeopardizing relationships with our friends and family; and we were convinced WE could do it!

We realized later that most of our family members and friends never even had a desire to be business owners...or work from home. What a revelation! When that finally sunk in we simply decided to let our family and friends be our family and friends, and stopped trying to convince them to join our business. After that, we focused on finding people who wanted what we wanted...to spend time with our family...when and where we want; to pay off the mortgage and credit card debt; to pay for college without dipping into retirement savings; a way to be able to put away more for retirement; to have more time and money to increase support for causes we care about; to leave a legacy for our children that did not include debt.

We tried meeting people at networking events, mixers, professional development seminars...and even Starbucks and a few malls. We had some success with this approach, but not to the level of our desire to change our lives and others'.

Today we have a better way! Leveraging the power of the internet and social media, we not only have a better way to build a Network Marketing business, but any business and team. And we want to share it with the world! These techniques can be used effectively to market products AND services, grow a thriving team and build a solid, sustainable business.

We offer step-by-step training and one-on-one coaching sessions to show how to share valuable content, drive traffic using social media, and much more.

If you are ready to learn online marketing, work to implement what you learn and to take your business to the next level; you're in the right place.

To your success!

- Kim

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